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Elementree is a portfolio company representing complimentary healthy, plant-based frozen snacks & desserts brands positioned to offer retailers a solution to the rapidly growing ‘better for you’ and ‘free-from’ foods category.

Elementree has recently acquired the intellectual property rights, customer database and existing distribution infrastructures across Europe through its acquisition of OkoBay Ventures Limited (OkoBay) and Frozen Fruits Sweden (Pop Fruits).

Both brands offer healthy alternatives to existing products available to consumers with a strict brand ethos and attributes that promise always being free from dairy, gluten, refined sugars, GMO and soy.
OkoBay and Pop Fruits have been on the European market for 3 years and have grown from independent retail into major retail. Going forward, Elementree will manage these brands and support their continued growth by engaging a wider sales agent network across Europe that will offer retailers (independent and major chains), hotels, theme parks, fitness centres, health spas etc a portfolio and ‘branded freezer solution’ that will carry the growing OkoBay and Pop Fruits product range and in turn create a focal ‘point of sale’ in stores that will clearly identify the values of the products it represents.
Over the next 18 months Elementree plans to acquire another two brands that have an existing distribution infrastructure that can be used to grow the OkoBay and Pop Fruit estate in new markets while at the same time extending its portfolio with a complimentary range of products serving a wider demographic of consumer across Europe.

Our Branded Freezer Solution (concept design only)


The sustainable element to Elementree includes an alliance with, an organisation based in Belgium that supports reforestation projects around the world. Elementree will be running several campaigns throughout the year that will enable part of the profits from product sales to be invested into specific reforestation projects in locations where Elementree sources its raw ingredients from. Each project will be traceable allowing consumers of the Elementree products to track the efforts made by the company by issuing codes displayed on packaging linked to a website that will demonstrate how over time this campaign will help restore biodiversity in ravaged lands and increase fair trade employment in places that are in need of support. “2017 will see all Elementree brands using 100% recyclable packaging”